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B3000 Dometic Rooftop Air-con pdf

This air conditioner has been designed and manufactured to be installed on vehicles (i.e. camping-cars, caravans, motorhomes) to improve the temperature conditions.

It supplies fresh and dehumidified air in summer and warm air in winter without, in any case, replacing the heating system of the vehicle. In both cases, the temperature is set by the user.

Fresh air – Running
The system is inclusive of the compressor ( a ), condenser ( b ), the evaporator ( d ) and refrigerant gas under pressure. According to the physical state of the refrigerant gas -i.e. liquid or gaseous, it heats or cools the components where it passes through. Fan ( c ) forces the internal air through the cooled evaporator from where it comes out cooled down and dehumidified. This action, protracted over the time, reduces the temperature into the vehicle.

Hot air – Description of operation
The refrigerant gas cycle can be inverted by a solenoid valve (f). The heat accumulated by the refrigerant gas is dispersed by the internal heat exchanger which uses the fan (c) to deliver the heat into the passenger compartment. Over time, this increases the temperature inside the vehicle


1 err flash =  Control Panel
2 err flash = probe evaporator
3 err flash = probe Condensor




B3000/B2200, EXTERNAL PROBE fitted with Return air sensor

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